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Everything in one day - City Tour


A day Tour, in the 10 th Region of Lakes - Tour - Excursions in Petrohue

The tour - excursion to start, in the panoramic mirador of Puerto Montt, then we will go to the beautiful and picturesque Puerto Varas City,with colonial constructions, where we will stop, for a 30 minutes to walk and to survey the beautiful Llanquihue Lake.

In the during, of the itinerary we will go “The Poza" (sailing among tunnels of vegetation to find, the Lorely Island), then we will visit the mill of water and we will know a Condor in captivity authorized by the SAG, we will continue until Villa Ensenada to stop for eat, Villa Ensenada its in a beautiful location among the Volcanos Osorno and Calbuco with attractive and beautiful millenary ice.

This is an experience ,wath you never forget…!!!


Value approached in summer

Ch$ 4.000 pp.        US$ 9. pp.

volcan osorno y saltos petrohue

The journey continued in the national Park “Vicente Perez Rosales”, in this place you will know, the famous “Laguna Verde” (“Green Lagoon”) and the amazing Jumps of the River Petrohué, we will finish the journey in Ensenada, where we will visit the “All the Saints Lake”.In the sunset, we will return to downtown of Puerto Montt.

¡¡You will see a beautiful places, never seen before!!

"The PetrohueRiver, Cochamo and Puelo ,they are perfects places for an excellent fly fishing"
saltos del petrohue


Tour by way of Carretera Austral for one or two days

The big start, is in the coastal zone of Puerto Montt, where we will see a many towns as Pelluco, Chamiza, Piedra Azul, Metri, Lenca, Chaicas and Caleta La Arena; where we will go aboard in a ferry (crossing the Estuary of Reloncaví) wath unites the limits with Caleta Puelche, when continuing for the coastal border we will arrive at the Contao Town, north door toward the Carretera Austral (Highway Austral).

carretera austral
bahia hornopiren

Back again in the Carretera Austral (Highway Austral) we will continue to the south,until the “Rio Negro” (River Black) and Hornopirén Volcano, and we will see the millenary trees Alerces of Quildaco and the hanging bridge in the sector of “The Varal”, you will can stand at the first night in Hornopirén and in the sunrise, continue with a navigation of one hour, until arrive the Llancahue Island (optional) where the thermal waters of the same name (Llancahue), you will see the beautiful cascades of water,then we willtravel for the National Park Hornopirén and Rio Blanco (White River).

You cant miss this oportumity,to know an feel,the mistycal experience right before the Volcanos!!!
volcan hornopiren
Value approached in summer
Ch$ 8.000 pp.        US$ 14. pp.


City Tour - Excursions in Puerto Varas "The City of Roses"

Puerto Varas,is to 20 km from Puerto Montt, is the tourist center of the region. It is characterized for the beautiful gardens and for an excellents hotels and gastronomic, accompanied for the majestic Osorno and Calbuco Volcanos on the edge of the LakeLlanquihue with beautiful beaches to see and feel.

puerto varas
You can visit,”The city of the Roses”for the 12 houses that are national patrimony,if you wantwalk or to know in bicycle the city, visit “Parque Phillippi”(park) and Cerro el Calvario (hill calvary); they are places that with an excellent observation of the lake and part of the city.

A great contribution, to the history; is the NewBraunauMuseum, for the valuable content of the German colonists' antiques. The Municipality of Puerto Varas, organizes every year.more of 50 different events where the family and the tourist ,are the center and the principal personage, with music events, theater, cinema outdoors, the Day of the Kuchen ( typical Chilean pie ), gastronomic samples, it trades of books, and other activities.

¡¡You really have a good time with us!!


playa llanquihue
Value approached in summer
$ 4.000 pp.        US$ 9. pp.


City Tour to Big Chiloe Island

The beginning of the trip is in the morning, leaving from Puerto Montt skirting the coast toward the sector of Chinquihue. know the Navy, cultivations of Salmon, club of Yachts and more, it will continue for the Route 5 South of Panamerican, until arrive to Pargua, place where it embarked in ferryboat to cross “Canal del Chacao” (lake), and to enter to the Big Chiloe Island.

 ¡¡¡A beautiful experience, wath you and your family,keep in their hearts,for ever!!!

The places that visited are:

Ancud: Strong San Antonio, Museums, observatory Huai-Huén will have a spectacular panoramic sight of Ancud.

Castro: Artesanal Fair Chilota, Church of San Francisco trades (national monument) Palafitos observatory Gamboa.

Dalcahue: Famous for their artesanal and their Church.

Chonchi: Net of Rural Tourism, you offer tourist, information, programs of vacations

Value approached in summer

Ch$ 8.000 pp.        US$ 14. pp.


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